Volunteer for SoLO. Change a life, forever.

SoLO Life OpportunitiesWould you like to change a life, forever? Could you spare only 2 hours a week to volunteer on one of SoLO’s 28 exciting projects? 

These projects play a crucial part in the lives of our learning and physically disabled members who access them on a weekly basis and in the holidays.

As a volunteer you would become a teacher, role model, protector and friend to our members who attend these projects. You would be supporting our members to access activities and enabling our members to enjoy social and leisure activities that, without your support, they would not be able to experience.

Every SoLO volunteer is unique and their very personal journey begins when they decide to volunteer for SoLO. Why do people volunteer with us? Every answer is always different. Some are deeply personal, others are looking to gain `real life` experience for a future career and some simply want to be part of SoLO. Many will say “I want to help”, “I want to give something back” or “I want to make a difference”. These are the people supporting our members. These are the volunteers who are subconsciously saying “I`m ok, so I`m going to get me and put me to one side and turn my focus and time onto someone who would benefit from my support”. It is this kind of selfless attitude and commitment that earns our volunteers the trust of our members. This is why SoLO volunteers are the extraordinary and unique individuals we are proud to have supporting us.

If you would like to Volunteer for SoLO, visit our website www.solihullsolo.org/volunteering or ring 0121 779 3865

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With thanks to: Paul Horton, SoLO Life Opportunities, p.horton@solihullsolo.org

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