Wizzleworld Dramatics CIC


Mission: To develop children’s confidence and wellbeing through creative expression, movement and drama through the magic of story.

Key services:

  • Specialist story-drama personal development programmes for children aged 3 – 8. For small groups or whole classes of children
  • Between 1-6 sessions; each lasting 45-60 minutes set in different environments, e.g. the jungle, under the sea
  • Sessions meet Early Years Curriculum and National Curriculum.

Business challenge: To develop trading activity into a viable enterprise

Established: Incorporated 2013 (trading since 2012)

Legal structure: Community Interest Company



How we helped Wizzleworld Dramatics CIC

When Kelly Birch and Kerry Duffy trained together as primary school teachers, both felt disheartened by the opportunities provided by the curriculum to help children reach their full potential. Now they have returned to the classroom as Wizzleworld Dramatics.

“We left teaching and simultaneously embarked on different career paths which enabled each of us to pursue our interest in psychology of mind and behaviour.” Kelly went on to become a police constable and Kerry began a new career in mental health. “Our work with disadvantaged groups led us time and time again to confirm our belief that in order to be an effective, emotionally intelligent adult, it is necessary to develop appropriate life skills in childhood. For many reasons, some parents struggle to provide the environment, opportunities and interactions that their children need to flourish. As educators, we are also aware of the opportunities and barriers presented by the classroom, curriculum, time constraints and resources to address such issues and nurture the development of life skills.”

Two years ago, Kelly and Kerry started to write their own specialist story-drama programmes for children aged 3-8 years (nursery, reception, years 1, 2 and 3) within educational and community settings. “Our programmes take children on a magical adventure of self discovery with our wise and friendly wizard, Mr Wizzle, and the antics of his many friends from around the world. Throughout, children are presented with moral, social and emotional dilemmas as they take on the role of different characters, developing essential life skills through creative expression,” say Kelly and Kerry.

The sessions serve to raise self-esteem, lower inhibitions, enhance the child’s sense of self, social values and understanding of others around them. Teachers and parents report improved relationships between children as a result of greater empathy and sense of teamwork.

Eager to make Wizzleworld Dramatics their full time work, Kelly and Kerry were introduced to the Community Enterprise for Success programme to formalise the venture and seek advice on marketing. “With the help of our business advisers we were able to register Wizzleworld Dramatics as a community interest company and work on our pricing strategy which enabled us to feel confident about the viability of our business.” Kelly and Kerry also received help to develop a marketing plan and attended social media training to promote their services. “Whenever we’ve needed help on the business side of things, the support is always available which is reassuring and has helped us to move forward considerably!”

Kelly and Kerry have recently delivered a pilot programme for Valley Infant School and have produced a DVD showcasing their activities, colourful resources and personally written and illustrated stories for children to enjoy. Looking ahead, Kelly and Kerry hope to deliver more exciting, lively and interactive Wizzleworld sessions for primary schools and community groups and see their unique approach to developing the confidence and wellbeing of children, including those with special educational needs, be widely embraced across Solihull.

More information: www.wizzleworld-dramatics.co.uk

Download this case study: Wizzleworld Dramatics Case Study