Lynncare 2000 Ltd

Mission: To deliver exceptional housing and social care services for disadvantaged people, encouraging their independence and providing opportunities to lead fulfilling and happy lives, respecting their dignity, choices and wishes at all times.

Services: Residential care home for adults; Social activities for service users and other supported housing residents across the borough; Holiday breaks for residents. Lynncare 2000 is contracted by Solihull and Birmingham local authorities.

Established: 1998Lynncare 2000 service user

Legal structure: Company Ltd by Shares

Business challenge: Develop a business plan to open a new transitional living home



First class residential care for people with complex needs

Linda Nicholls set up Lynncare 2000 in 1998, a small family run residential home for people with severe learning disabilities and impairments. With 15 years’ experience under her belt, Linda is preparing to open a second home offering transitional living for young people, as a social enterprise!

Located on the Chester Road in Kingshurst is a family home to eight residents with highly complex needs ranging from speech and visual impairments, autism, depression and epilepsy. Lynncare 2000 takes pride in providing personalised care that enables service users to lead enjoyable, active and fulfilling lives in their local community. From one service user, to three, then five and now eight, Lynncare 2000 has grown steadily and is ready to spread its wings; Community Enterprise for Success has been helping along the way.

“Our accountant had quoted thousands to produce a business plan for the new place,” says Linda. “By chance my daughter picked up some information about free business advice, we followed it up and arranged to see an adviser and it all took off from there.”

With the premises already secured, Linda needed a fully worked up business plan to convert from a residential to commercial mortgage and convince the bank of the viability for the new proposition, which will house young people and develop their skills and confidence to live independently as adults.

“Other than our accountant, we’d never worked with a professional business adviser before,” says Linda, “and it’s been a really positive experience, which I highly recommend to any small organisation.

“We accessed hands-on help to produce a solid business plan and financial projections – something that we ourselves had not previously attempted –  drilling into the detail of staffing, wages, income, cash flow and profit. Our adviser was so easy to talk to, very knowledgeable and understood the health and social care sector, offering fresh ideas, opening up new avenues for the business.

“The support has been a tremendous help financially too as we’ve saved on professional fees which have instead been used for the refurbishment and decorating costs of the new premises due to open in June.”

The new home, which will accommodate four tenants, will be set up as a community interest company and operate as a trading subsidiary of Lynncare 2000 which itself operates as a privately owned care home.

“We have a renewed sense of confidence to explore areas such as domiciliary care and working with personal budget holders.  To move forward we’ve had to take a risk – one that we feel positive about thanks to Community Enterprise for Success.”

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