DIY Toolkit

The Community Enterprise for Success Toolkit has been developed using funding from Solihull Council and ERDF. It is a comprehensive guide that aims to enable organisations and social entrepreneurs to find the information they need quickly and easily.

The Toolkit is split into key business development sections so you can go straight to the pages and information you need.

The Toolkit is free to access after you have registered. To gain free access send your name and organisation and address to and you will receive your password [by email] to access the sections. You can also request a pdf version if you prefer.

Your password will work for all sections of the business development toolkit so just copy it and tell your browser to remember the password to make browsing through easy. There is no time limit to your password.


Whilst we check and update this information regularly and try to ensure that external websites are safe we cannot be held responsible for the content on external websites. The toolkit is meant as a guide and should not be substituted for qualified business advice where you require it.

We hope you find it useful and welcome feedback

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